Code of Practice and Ethics:


We will support the woman as she considers her pregnancy and her situation, explores her options, and makes her decisions.

We will seek to build a relationship with her so that we earn the right to present the facts and be with her – to the extent that she chooses – while she works through this time.
We will receive initial and ongoing training and supervision to gain an appropriate understanding of ourselves and of crisis pregnancy, and proper and appropriate skills.
We will understand and be committed to confidentiality, client safety, and competence.
We will learn about and aim to respond appropriately to cultural and social diversity.
The woman will at all times have the ability to, with dignity, continue or discontinue her use of our service.
She and her viewpoint will at all times be treated with respect.
She may choose her own support people to be with her whenever she wishes.
We will present information in a fair and honest manner. We will take great care if we present opinion that it is appropriate to do this and that we are not being coercive.
The woman will be able to receive and process information, explore options and make decisions at her own pace, so that her decision will be truly hers.
We will keep a true and confidential record of our dealings with people who use our service
We will obey the laws of Aotearoa New Zealand.
Mission Statement: To offer to our community a service that provides full information, appropriate support and professional counselling for issues relating to pregnancy, in a way that fully respects the woman.
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